State Of Ideal Perfection

by State Of Ideal Perfection

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released March 5, 2017

Recorded at El Fish studio in Genoa.



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State Of Ideal Perfection Genoa, Italy

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Track Name: Flood
It has never been difficult to fall asleep on the banks of a river,
rivers from the murky waters of anxieties, dissatisfaction,frustration
unwary and fearless I look at the other side through a dark blanket, to feel the air screech.
Bridge created by detritus of experiences lived with gritted teeth on my own dignity of human being.

with childish curiosity, i see through the mud hopeful to find solutions,
but there, there was me, destroyed and dug by the inside, through its eyes that parasite sneered and dried up

Don't leave that boat, built with the plank of a superior conscience, row even if you burn your hands and you go to discover the brightest greens and blues.

To run away, to be even farther from the river , to find a shelter. among the boundaries built with bricks of certainties mixed by habits. While you are slipping, the river overflows, the flood is coming, by now unstoppable
The demons like water seep through there protection
Just that boat, it's your salvation, don't leave it! swim and go up again.

Don't leave that boat, built with the plank of a superior conscience, row even if you burn your hands and you go to discover the brightest greens and blues.
Track Name: God's Doubt
When life knocked at time, the eternal scale was born, made by right and wrong, with a fulcrum unstable and grim.
Light and darkness found their side, one god made the net of balance. He made the warmth when the sun is high in the sky
He made the Moon that dances with the Earth
He chose the strong cold of Winter
He decided a sound for the screams of Pain
He put the seed in our heads, the brain
He did cry clouds creating rain, rain
He chose who is the prey
He chose who is the killer

Why, why didn't he choose who lives or die?
Why? Why? He wasn’t able to leave the hunter starve and leave the prey free from her trap or leave her trapped to their sad fate.

He was a coward and left the choice to his sister that doesn't reflect or think
She is the queen of randomness.
A God can do everything but cannot have all under control.
He made a universe , perfect with infinity mechanisms
A God can do all, everything he want.
A God can make all around of all, in his omnipotence made life.
In every universe the wonderful creation is life over his control.
Track Name: Albedo
Burning, if you turn in white
Track Name: Permeability
We're sponges thrown away, all along
with no conscience, from every clash
we absorb, unwittingly we are
dragged by time, all together
with different crossroads,

this Almighty
moves forward and never looks down
and only step by step,
with unbreakble big chains he drags us,
every time ring
is filled with every encounter
and every experience.

Different shades,
different flavours,
though all alike,
one created by the other
one by one.

Diverted knowledge
diverted taste
diverted body
diverted pleasure
diverted sense
the issue is to split good from evil
but the decision is fatally diverted in turn
by previous clashes, blood is mixed
we all are composed by everyone's shreds,
together in one tree made by countless roots,
together only one personality,

absorbed and mixed every day forever,
endless potion forming us